Questions and answers

We know that you have probably a lot of questions that you want to get answered as soon as possible.
That is why we have prepared especially for you a series of the most frequently asked questions with answers to them.


Frequently asked questions

Can we earn on it?

Of course.

There is no limit there. One thing that can limit you is your knowledge and the way you use it. The best place to gain it is Take Profit Crew and IM Academy

How much time a day do you need to spend on this?

It depends.
I will not tell you that you do not have to spend any time at all, because it is a lie. Everyone learns in their own time and begins to understand the market faster or slower.

At the beginning of joining the Academy, we get a lot of materials that we have to read. Then you need to open an account with the Broker, where you will receive a bonus $ 50 from the Academy (if you do not know how to get it – write to me) and we start the earning process.

At the beginning, we advise you to use virtual funds (at the broker, on the Meta Trader application), then on the funds received from the Academy, and when we are ready, I do not see a problem to top up our account with additional cash. The first week is the hardest, and it would be best to spend about an hour or two a day learning the basics.

Later this time is dramatically shortened.

Do you have to (how much) to invest extra money at the beginning?

Absolutely you don’t need to, and I even advise against it.
At the beginning, we try to encourage everyone to “operate” on virtual means for several days or even weeks to learn this process. Then we use the $ 50 received from the Academy. In the last step, if the multiplication of capital is good for us and we feel comfortable with it, we can pay more money.

Is the knowledge we receive at the Academy really worth that?

I dare say that it is worth much more.

If you approach it in such a way that you want to enter the Academy and earn millions after a month – this is not for you. Here you gain knowledge for years and if you take it seriously, it will be the best investment you have ever made in the long term. Nothing will give you such a return as knowing what to invest in to get the greatest possible return.

How much does it cost to join the Academy?

The price for the first month is $235.

Then for the following months it is the amount of $175.

You pay every 28 days and there is no obligation to extend your subscription. Simply – if you do not pay, you will not have access to the signals in SwipeCoin and the GoLive platform. Same as with mobile top-up. You pay, you call, you don’t pay, you don’t call. You don’t sign any contract or anything like that.

The Academy meets our needs and enables us to learn for free also for the most motivated!
To learn more – write to me for details.

How to register?

Simply, just write to the person who sent you this website and ask for help with registration 😉

Do you need to know about it?

Absolutely not.
The Academy was established to teach a completely green person how to navigate the financial markets and how to multiply their capital, avoiding inflation and securing their future.
We run complete beginners from A to Z. We help in to downloading the necessary applications, verifying documents and we carry out the entire learning process so that the interested person can earn money by himself after a few months.

Does the Academy makes money on us?

You don’t put money into the Academy and the Academy doesn’t turn over your money.
The fee you pay is a subscription for receiving information and the knowledge you need to multiply your capital. You get access to the educational platform. The Academy will never ask you for money or say that, it will multiply your capital. You pay for learning, access to information and notifications about the best possible situation (according to long-term traders) to buy and sell individual cryptocurrencies. Nobody can see your wallet.

Will the Academy fees not exceed my profits?

As I’ve mentioned before.
The Academy fee is not a cash investment. You pay for education and for notifications when it is the best time to buy and sell a given cryptocurrency and how to minimize the risk of potential loss and maximize profit. What you do with this knowledge depends only on you. The Academy does not impose on you what and how much to invest (but I suggest allocating $ 50 from the Academy for notifications what to buy and sell).

Why is it worth to join the Academy?

Why is it worth to join the Academy?

Notifications on SwipeCoin and the knowledge we get on the GoLive platform is priceless. Really. It only depends on us how many times we multiply our own capital, and the compound interest is the 8th wonder of the world. By devoting a few years of your life to learning the trading skills, it will allow you to enjoy financial freedom for the rest of your life.

Do we have constant contact with you once we are joining the Academy?

Of course.
This is what it is all about! On contact and conversations.
We have our own private communicator that works 24/7 and we will receive the help we need at any time of the day or night.

How much money do I need to start?

We always advise you to have security in the form of minimum two months of subscription to the Academy ($410) and additionally at least $150 for an additional own contribution.

There is no point in joining the Academy for a month or two because it won’t do anything at all. It is a process and just like learning a language, swimming or driving a car, it takes time and commitment. In our opinion, the minimum length for which it is worth joining the Academy is 2-3 months.

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