The first group ever who will
educate you will not fool you.

Educate yourself how to make money using just a phone.


Have a look for the video from our event

There’s 1000 people in our group.

From single mums to IT specialists and engineers.
Most of us have a similar goal and dream – to become financially independent, free ourselves from the boss we don’t like, create the life we deserve and use it for many years on our own terms.
That is why “Take Profit Crypto Crew” was created. We make money on movements in the cryptocurrency market.


Because there is the greatest earning potential. Once you learn the rules of the game and follow them, we will teach you how to minimize the risk of loss and how to maximize profits. Never the other way around. We do not promise Lamborghini after a month (there are already too many scammers who promise pears in the sky, we are not one of them). We promise to learn skills that will give you a good income from anywhere in the world using the phone.

You don’t trust us with your money. Nobody but you can see your wallet. We will only teach you how to multiply your savings.

Who started this?

Creators of Take Profit Crypto Crew

Franciszek Rumak

Franek started this project in January 2021. At the beginning it was darkness, then came light. It all started from vision, then he built something massive.

Paula Peszko

The biggest pessimist about cryptocurrency. As soon as she get into it- she felt in love with it.

Maksym Ziółkowski

First Influencer who believed that this project will go viral.

what this whole academy thing is about

How to become part of the Take Profit Crypto Crew?

What are these Cryptocurrencies all about?

Click on the video next to it and watch the presentation of the world of Cryptocurrencies.
You will learn how to start making money on the financial markets.
Why do you really lose when you save?
Where to get information when it comes to Cryptocurrencies?
You will meet me, Franek Rumak and my history in the world of Krytpo.
You will see what tools we use on a daily basis.


We make every effort to meet the expectations

First of all knowledge THE GO LIVE PLATFORM


It is a platform with access to educators from around the world with many years of experience in the cryptocurrency industry and traditional markets.
All online sessions are saved and available in replays.
Educators will teach you how to earn money with Crypto.



An application for which we receive ready-made notifications from the best traders with many years of experience, telling us when and what cryptocurrency to buy and when to sell it, so as to earn as much as possible and at the same time minimize the risk of loss.



Which alerts you when is a potential opportunity to buy or play on a drop in the price of Bitcoin and Ethereum (the two most popular cryptocurrencies) is approaching. It recognizes changes in the market trend, indicating potential purchase or sale entries, and send us notifications on the phone.

It will save you time, nerves and additionally take care of the thickness of your wallet. Skalepr has been officially hailed as a 24/7 money making machine.


Feedback from people who joined us.

"The group is generally a plus, a big plus. A lot of strong characters and, above all, wise people from various professional industries. You can see that people want to develop, and this is cool because all the work that leaders and educators do is not wasted.”

Adrian Sz.

"As far as the project itself is concerned, I entered the Academy for my 33rd birthday in mid-February. Today it is mid-September and I cannot imagine my life without these good and crazy people and being a part of the" Take Profit Crew "family. It's not only about integrations, signals, but the very fact that when I get up in the morning I wonder that what they are doing and how they are doing.Two integrations are behind us, and third on it's way. Moment and the fact that people I haven't met yet will come, until I have goosebumps and can't wait. We have been working together for over half a year for our common success and I know that this is just the beginning of this wonderful journey because the family lasts for years, not for a moment. Thank you for that. You gave me the chance to being a part of the "Take Profit Crew" team. Peace Yo!’’


"I have been in the Take Profit group since April this year. The beginnings were not easy, we acted somehow, but after some time, QUALITY was created, a discord was set up, educators with at least 3 years of experience in the financial markets were brought to the team, the group helps each new person as only maybe that no one feels left alone here. A dozen or so zooms a week with educators. If you want to learn something about cryptocurrencies, this place is PERFECT FOR YOU„

Michał O.

“Honestly, I guess I owe you an apology, I thought you were promoting the Academy because you got a lot of money for it, and in fact it's an artificially inflated balloon. After just a few days, I don't regret a single penny, the enormity of knowledge that can be gained here is unimaginable. I'm glad that I became a small part of this project.„

Mateusz U.

“Me and Rafal can say that the group changed our lives. Take profit is like a family, everyone is so nice and helpful, you can get answers for every question and help with every problem. Cryptocurrencies themselves are a mega future. I remember that Rafał was telling me 1.5 years ago to invest in Bitcoin, and I laughed that why would I invest in that ? Now I would be in the Caribbean. Rafał tried to invest and play on the stock exchange himself earlier, he was interested in crypto 2 years before the group, but he always lost. The knowledge available in the Academy and on discord is priceless. We advise against investing by yourself without your knowledge. Thanks to the Academy and the group, we know what to invest in, what to sell, what to buy, a tool such as the Scalper is an invaluable help. And Discord is the world championship, people are great. I am also very grateful that we came across you, dear ones. It is our best decision this year, and perhaps in our life. Thanks to the group, Rafał left a poorly paid job and can develop for which we are also very grateful. We believe that the Take Profit group led by Frank and Paula will develop mega and conquer Poland, and even the whole world, and will change the lives of thousands of people for the better, we are grateful that we can be part of this crypto family and climb to the top together! Strength in the group!”

Natalia R.



Discord is our place for communication.
The channels are divided thematically:

INFORMATION – incl. useful materials, links to zoom repetitions, meeting schedules
TALKS – incl. for new people, casual talks, talks about trading, signals from experienced people from our group, a separate group for women on chart analysis and a group for women to talk about everything
SIGNALS –  informative about current signals
EDUCATORS–  information about meetings with educators and summaries of these meetings in Polish



For new people in the group, we have developed a dozen of steps that you need to go through to start earning. Each step is described in details, and there are screenshots that make it even easier to get through all the steps.

In addition to steps, each new person can count on the help of their guardian, as well as on our messenger.

Join to the world of cryptocurrencies.